Looks like I was correct on the trade value of David DeJesus.  He’s not going anywhere after running into the center field wall chasing after Derek Jeter’s deep fly ball.  He led with his right (glove) wrist and it bent back as it met the wall.

You could tell immediately that he injured himself on the play.  Post-game, it was revealed that while X-rays were negative, he suffered a “severe thumb sprain.”  Bob Dutton tweeted late Thursday that DeJesus was off to see a hand specialist in Cleveland and “might be out awhile.”


UPDATE: DeJesus to the 15 day DL and Alex Gordon called up from Omaha.  OK… We have arrived at the most recent test for Royals management.  Gordon must – MUST – play everyday for the rest of the season.

So now we get an outfield of Scotty Pods, Rick Ankiel and Mitch Maier?

Even though Alberto Callaspo was moved earlier in the evening, I still thought dealing DeJesus was a long shot.   I figured the Royals would overvalue him, ask for too much and ultimately fail to make a trade.

What really hurts is with DeJesus out of the lineup, (and Callaspo to a lesser extent) we’re edging closer to the suckfest of 2008 without gaining any upside.  Hopefully, DeJesus’ injury isn’t serious (although that sounds unlikely) and he’ll return quickly.   Of course, there’s the requisite snark that the Royals waited too long to make the trade. Really?  First, who’s to say the Royals were offered what would be considered “fair” value for DeJesus?  Second, who the hell knew he was going to run into a wall a week before the deadline?  Things like this happen (yes, more to the Royals it seems than anyone else) so you just move on.  It makes this winter interesting as the Royals hold the option for DeJesus for 2011 at $6 million.  He was on the road to becoming a Type A player, so if the Royals had declined the option, it’s possible they could have collected draft picks.  He was a borderline “A,” so it will be interesting to see how he’s rated if he misses an extended period of time.

Maybe the Royals will use this opportunity to recall Alex Gordon.  Or Kila Ka’ahuie.  Or both.  This is the perfect time: Bring up Gordon when DeJesus hits the DL and play him in the outfield.  While you’re busy making moves, dump Guillen and bring up Kila.  (Although if that happens, it will be in August when the Royals place Guillen on waivers.  If some team claims him, he’s gone.  If no one is dumb enough to do that, hopefully they cut him once he clears.) That’s about the only thing that can improve the current situation.

Only the Royals.

Meanwhile, some of you are wondering why the Royals recalled Ankiel and not Gordon when it came time to make a move to replace Callaspo on the roster.  It’s simple: Ankiel was on a minor league rehab assignment so the Royals had to recall him.  Rehab assignments are based on time and time was running out.  He can’t stay in the minors because he’s out of options.

Of course, the Royals could just cut him and eat his $2.75 salary. Like that would happen.

Nope… He’s back and he’s going to play.