Updated through 4/5/11

Updated through 4/5/11

The above table represents payroll of the Opening Day roster of the Kansas City Royals.  Salaries are acquired from published reports and Cot’s Contracts.  Major league minimum is $414,000.

The Royals are due $1,000,000 from the Seattle Mariners for a portion of Yuniesky Betancourt’s contract this year.  They also will send $2,000,000 to the Milwaukee Brewers to cover a portion of his contract. The Yunigma is the player who keeps on giving.

Players highlighted in red are currently on the disabled list.

The value of an contract option (player, club or mutual) is highlighted in green.  The value of the buyout is noted on the right.

Options are coded this way:

No – A player has no options remaining. A player with more than five years of service time can refuse to be optioned.

Yes (+3) – A player has options and more than three years of service time (but less than five years) and can choose to become a free agent rather than accepting assignment to the minors.

Yes – A player has options remaining and can be sent to the minors.

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