Computer problems and life in general have gotten us off schedule here at Royals Authority HQ today.  As such, look for more and better later tonight, but for today we have an nice extra inning win at Boston, great bullpen work and then there’s Kyle Davies.

Davies was good, let’s just say it, he was good last night.    Basically, the handful of starts he manages to toss like last night each year have kept him employed and well paid.   There might well be another this year, maybe even two, but I am hesitant to make an earth shaking announcement that Davies has it all figured out.

What Kyle did last night, maybe more than anything, was throw his off-speed pitches for effective strikes.  Thirteen of eighteen changups were strikes and twelve of seventeen curves found the zone.   While the percentage of pitches thrown was not much different than usual, the Red Sox batters ‘felt’ like Davies was hardly throwing the fastball at all.

Perception over reality.  

I guess that statement applies to Kyle Davies more often than not.