Based on the comments from Dayton Moore in the week leading up to the trade deadline, it figured to be a quiet time for the Royals. I’m just back from a vacation, but I can still hear the crickets.

I mean, if a Mike Aviles trade can’t move the seismograph, what will?

Let’s break down this deal… The Royals receive infielder Yamaico Navarro as part of this trade. Navarro hit .258/.362/.469 in 34 games in Triple-A Pawtuckett and .216/.275/.351 in 16 games for the big league club. Navarro is a toolsy infielder who has some power potential. Scouting reports say he has quick wrists and a line drive stroke that can – at times – generate some loft that can carry the ball over the wall.

The knock on Navarro is he has a tendency to lose focus. That seems to be a nice way of saying he falls into lazy habits. Only 23 years old, many have taken to describing him as a younger version of Aviles. That’s possible, although Aviles didn’t reach the majors until he was 27, and never really distinguished himself as a defender. That’s not to say Navarro is the second coming of Alcides Escobar, but is probably the third best infield glove behind the Shortstop Jesus and Eric Hosmer.

In an ideal world, Navarro would supplant Chris Getz at second base for the remainder of the season. We’ve all had a chance to see what Getz brings to the team (and we’ve seen what he lacks, too.) Navarro won’t be a downgrade and has the potential to be a better option at second. Word is, Navarro has experienced some difficulty turning the double play, but Getz is no ballerina around the bag, either.

Right-hander Kendal Volz has been a starter for his entire career, before shifting to the bullpen in 2011. At the time of the trade he owned a 3.33 ERA with 56 strikeouts and 12 walks in 51 innings. He features a heavy sinker that has allowed him to rack up the ground ball outs. (He has a 1.61 GO/AO.) He was drafted in the ninth round out of Baylor in 2009 after previously thought of as a potential first rounder. A poor senior season really hurt his stock.

Volz’s success in the bullpen has him projecting as middle reliever.

That GMDM was able to flip Aviles for two minor leaguers is somewhat of a surprise. Aviles has run hot and cold and seemed to have difficulty adjusting to a role as a utility player. Plus, he was headed to arbitration for the first time in his career this winter. Though, I suppose his versatility on the infield served as a main selling point to the Red Sox. Basically, GMDM moved a 30 year old utility infielder who clearly didn’t have a future on this team for a potential middle reliever and younger utility infielder.

Can’t argue with that logic.

With the trade deadline approaching at 3 PM this afternoon, the question is now will GMDM pull the trigger on any more deals. Today’s starter Kyle Davies was scratched last night after he reported shoulder soreness. Of course, that kills any potential trade involving Davies, although it’s extremely difficult to believe that the Royals were fielding calls on the right hander. That leaves Jeff Francis and Bruce Chen as the top two candidates to be moved and the rumor mill there is completely silent.

I know there are many of us who would like to see either Melky Cabrera or Jeff Francoeur moved, but at this point, it’s a virtual guarantee they will still be on the team come tomorrow. Although there is still a possibility. Several outfielders have been dealt, so we’re coming to the point where these two represent some of the best players still available. There could be some interest and some late hour panic from a rival GM that could net an attractive offer.

That would be an ideal scenario… And one we can hope will play out over the next four hours.