Because I don’t really feel like writing about the game last night and I am pretty sure you don’t really want to read about it I am going to have a bullet bonanza instead.

  • Lets go streaking!  Dejesus still has a 165 game errorless streak going thanks to some friendly scoring in Toronto last night.  He should have been charged with an error on a very bad read on a ball, but wasn’t.
  • Chris Hayes has two perfect innings in Omaha so far.  There isn’t a bone in my body that doesn’t think that he could do at least as well as Mendoza aka “Dozer”.
  • Lets go streaking pt 2.  Yuniesky Betancourt has a 7 game hitting streak, which seems pretty improbable by itself, however he had a 20 game hitting streak in 2007.  Seriously.
  • Kyle Farnsworth has a 3.86 ERA and Juan Cruz has a 3.38, making the much maligned off-season bullpen signings easily two of the most effective arms in the pen this season.
  • For anyone hoping that Pena would get a significant number of starts this season, if the 12 game Kendall start streak didn’t kill your hope then his defensive gaffes yesterday should.  His defense is not seen by anyone in the Royals organization as good enough to be a regular starter.
  • Jason Kendall still hasn’t been hit by a pitch this season.  If he wants to break the record, he needs to get going.  He is still needs 39 to tie and 40 to become the new all-time leader.
  • There should be a rule that if the Royals are down by 7 runs and Aaron Crow or Mike Montgomery are pitching, that FSNKC should be forced to show that game instead.
  • Ankiel with his 17 K’s so far this season is on pace for 212 for the season which would destroy the old record set by Bo Jackson in 1989 when he had 172.
  • Beware of the sample size.  Since I wrote this article on seeing more pitches, the Royals have sunk to near the bottom in pitches seen per plate appearance and are sitting at 3.75 which is below their terrible 3.79 of 2009.
  • In non-Royals news the Indians have created a Blogger Pressbox of sorts at the stadium.  I’m not saying that I wish the Royals had one, wait yeah I am.  I get tired of eating my mom’s meatloaf here in the basement sometimes and would like to see this thing they call the sun.
  • Why batting average is a little weird.  Scott Podsednik has only 1 more hit than Jose Guillen.  They have both come to the plate 56 times.  However Podsednik has a batting average 80 points higher.

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