Well, let’s be nice to the blogger… I was off on my trade odds.  By just a bit.

So the Alberto Callaspo to the Angels rumor was pretty darn accurate as the Royals ship their starting third baseman to LA for Sean O’Sullivan and Will Smith. (No, I’m not going to make a joke about his name.)

I had a couple of reactions to the news the Royals were losing Bert:

– Dayton Moore really should have shopped him last winter when his trade value was highest.  Today, it’s probably as low as it’s been in his tenure with the Royals.

– This trade is basically a deal where the Royals are sending a player who will earn a raise by being eligible for arbitration next winter, for a pair of cost-controlled arms.  Callaspo isn’t part of the future here.  Not by a long shot.  Short-term, this doesn’t help the team, but who cares if this is the difference between fourth or fifth.

– Kind of makes one wonder if the Royals should have gone to all that trouble moving Alex Gordon to the outfield.  Again, short-term this hurts.  Long-term, who cares… Mike Moustakas is going to be playing this position within a year and a half.  Maybe sooner.

– I really like the Callaspo deal when Dayton made the trade a couple of years ago.  Love the contact.  He was really good last year, but this year his walks are down and his strikeouts are static.  He lost a little power – which was expected – and overall, he’s much less valuable as an offensive player this year.  If the Royals were trying to win games (because they were in contention) they would have been better served by playing Gordon at third and putting Callaspo on the bench.

–  O’Sullivan was once Baseball America’s number five prospect, so there’s that.  Clark doesn’t really like him (and proposed Trevor Bell) and I’ll defer to his opinion of lacking potential.  Plus, his Triple-A numbers: 3.3 BB/9, 6.1 SO/9 and a 4.76 ERA seem to back that up.  Fifth starter who will wear out I-29 until he’s out of options.

– Smith is the definition of “fringe” and has appeared at just about every level of the minors for the Angels this year.  He was pitching for the Double-A team and the Royals will assign him to High-A Wilmington.