As you probably have heard – either here on on Twitter – starting Monday this blog will no longer exist.

If you haven’t heard, we aren’t taking our Pop Tarts and riding off into the sunset. No, we can’t quit the internet. Instead, we are tackling a new challenge and moving to Baseball Prospectus and their newly created local site that will be dedicated to the Kansas City Royals. We are joining forces with the gang from Pine Tar Press and the podcasters from the KC Baseball Vault to give you what should be the premiere destination for independent Royals thought and analysis.

Look. We’ve already started Tweeting:

On Monday, if you visit this site, it will automatically redirect to the new location. It’s up and running right now, but since it’s kind of a blank slate at this point, I’ll hold off on giving you the url. Although if you use your internet sleuthing capabilities, it’s not difficult to figure out.

I wrote this when we made the initial announcement, but we are humbled that you continue to visit us to read about the Royals. We started blogging back when the Royals regularly lost 100-plus games. Now we’re blogging about World Champions. So worth it. A lot of you have been regulars since the beginning. Clark and I both started this just looking for an outlet to basically rant about this team. We rant less often these days, but are grateful to have an audience.

We’re also grateful for Rusty.

We’re looking forward to building that audience at Baseball Prospectus. As such, we’re not shifting focus or becoming lackeys for PECOTA. (Seriously. What was up with that?) You’ll be getting the same words there you would have read here. Our last move was met with a lot of trepidation, and in hindsight, that was completely understandable. This opportunity – being able to start a new Royals blog from the ground up with experienced writers – is a bit of a rush. And having the opportunity to work with Baseball Prospectus is something I don’t think any of us dreamed of when we started blogging. So we’re going someplace brand new with a new look and a variety of quality writers. On Monday, we hope you’ll add us as a new bookmark and from there we hope you return to visit daily to read about your Royals.

This is the next step for the blog. We’re excited. We hope you share our excitement.

See you down the road. Thank you.