Trust me… It’s not going to be this easy. It’s just not.

The Royals have opened the spring rolling off four wins in five games, with some quality individual performances along the way.

Not to be a buzzkill, but that’s not going to happen so much when the calendar flips to April.

I didn’t think Kyle Davies had that good of an outing on Thursday. I was able to see most of it, and the second inning seemed like vintage Davies… Leadoff single, get a couple of outs (sandwiched in between a wild pickoff throw to first, allowing the runner to advance) followed by a home run. The guy just seems to have a difficult time closing out innings, even in Spring Training.

There was a story the other day that the Royals are looking for consistency from Davies. That makes me laugh… After 130 big league starts and 700 innings, I think we have a decent idea of exactly who Davies is as a pitcher. He’s consistent all right… Consistently bad. I think the only reason he’s still here, and not Brian Bannister, is because of the Atlanta Connection. Neither one of those pitchers is major league caliber, but you can afford to keep one of them, simply as an innings eater on the back of the rotation. To carry two, at that price, is fiscally irresponsible.

Mitch Maier was your obvious choice for the player of the game… Our Mitch, hitting third in the order as the DH, went 4-4 with a pair of RBI to go along with two steals. We all know about the logjam in the outfield and how it’s basically going to come down to who has options and who doesn’t, this hot start bodes well for Maier’s future with the team.  I’m fine with that, because I view Maier as the optimal fourth outfielder.

Now if we could do something about Melky Cabrera…

While I discount almost every spring training stat, it is intriguing that the Royals have been showing some kind of crazy patience at the plate.  They have drawn 36 walks in five games and are working the count in their favor in the plate appearances where they put the ball in play.  Last season they were the hardest team to strike out and they only have 22 punch outs against them.  Is it possible after years and years of paying homage to OBP, but doing nothing about it (except acquiring guys like Olivo and Jacobs and now Francoeur) is it possible the Royals have finally learned the value of the walk.

I’m skeptical, but you can’t deny they’re off to a good start.

I saw Tim Collins pitch for the first time yesterday, and I can understand how the guy can get such action on his fastball… He really tilts back before he uncorks the pitch and gets every ounce of energy from his frame.  I can also see why he’s not a top prospect, despite bringing the heat… His fastball seemed a little straight.  And in his first spring outing, he threw it a little too much.

Still, I’m rooting for the guy and hope he gets a chance to open the year in Kansas City.