Per Dutton on Twitter

Of course, in my mind, Kyle Davies was always at the top of the list of candidates to be released. Still, I didn’t think they would do it. Not at this point in the season. A couple of quick thoughts:

— What did the Royals see differently from his last 61 innings that made them change their minds? After all, they agreed to pay him $3.2 million this year while releasing Brian Bannister.

— I know there’s an unwritten rule about guys losing their jobs when they land on the DL (it doesn’t happen) but is their an unwritten rule about releasing guys in a similar situation. Look, I want Davies off the team, but I want the break to be a clean one.

— It just feels weird. The Royals stuck with him for five years. He showed nothing. Now, a month and a half from the end of the season and you decide it’s time? Strange.

— This is The Process in a nutshell… You’re either part of the future or part of the past. There’s no in between anymore. And we all know where Davies fell.

— I’m loving the jokes on Twitter about the 29 other teams lining up to secure the services of Davies. GMDM is the internet’s gift.

— Just for fun, revisit my piece from April. He didn’t do anything in the last three months to change his status.

— For those wondering whom we turn our attention to, may I introduce you to Chris Getz?

— Kaegel has reaction from Davies, who wishes the Royals well. Hats off to Davies for being a stand up guy about this. As much as I ridicule the player, I do remember this is a person we’re talking about. He’s just not cut out to be a major league starter. If you want to point a finger at anyone, it should be directed to GMDM.