I am going to be lazy today, mainly because my Monday morning mind cannot articulate a more detailed column.  

  • With the Twins losing again in the first round of the playoffs, would you as a Royals’ fan want to be like them and always be in contention for the post-season but never really have much of a chance to advance?   Or, would you go the Marlins’ way and build to truly compete with the big boys once every seven or eight years, knowing that in between you will be pretty awful?
  • While Kansas City will not be in the running for either player, if you could spend unlimited money on just one free agent, who would it be:  Cliff Lee or Carl Crawford?
  • Recently, we heard that the Royals might consider a bargain priced right hand hitting corner outfield type this off-season.   While I hated giving up on Matt Diaz so long ago, is it worth the effort to add him to the roster (or someone like him)?
  • Dyson, Blanco, Maier or punt?
  • This question is somewhat related to the first.   If the Royals can accelerate the timetable to be in contention by giving up a year of control over Moustakas, Hosmer and others, should they do so?   Basically, the question is does being ‘in contention’ in 2012 outweigh being a ‘contender’ in 2018?

Just some random questions to get the week started.   For those of you who rightfully hate short, question orientated columns:  I’ll do better on Thursday.