The Royals are already 10 whole games into the season and it’s certainly safe to make some completely accurate assumptions about the team. Since there are only 152 more games in this season, it’s safe to say that there just isn’t enough time to make drastic changes in what has already transpired. What have we leaned from this season?

  • The Royals are a last place team. That’s a given. The team is 4 entire games out of first place with only 152 left to make up the difference. It’s just not enough. It’s true that they’re tied with the Minnesota Twins at the moment, but the Twins won last night and the Royals didn’t. That trend absolutely will continue. It’s over.


  • Humberto Quintaro is an offensive juggernaut. He’s hitting .368 and at WORST will have the 2nd highest single season batting average in Royals history. Although he sucks compared to…


  • Yuniesky Betancourt! Holy crap! The guy is hitting .389 and on pace to hit 27 bombs if he were to play in every game, which he absolutely should, I can’t see a reason not to. Another acquisition that the Royals should be proud of. Sure he has no walks, but when you hit .389 you can live without them.


  • Danny Duffy might win the Cy Young. He doesn’t get the benefit of pitching against the Royals like Weaver and Verlander, but his 2.13 ERA is very strong. His biggest competition is likely going to come from:


  • Bruce Chen, the man who will likely repeat Verlanders’s feat of MVP and Cy Young if only the Royals weren’t going to be in last place. A 1.64 ERA is amazing. That signing is a stroke of genius by the Royals, unlike…


  • Alex Gordon. The guy is terrible. He’s only hitting .128!?!? And he struck out to end the game last night? There’s a 100% guarantee that this contract is an abject failure and he will not ever come out of this slump. Even if he did, there’s a mere 152 games this season and 486 in the three following years. The impact of 10 games is too strong and he is what he is.


  • Finally, the bullpen. It was touted as being the strength of the team and has had  a bit of trouble. However we can unquestionably rank them based on this very valid sample size thusly:

1. Everett Teaford

2. Mitch Maier

3. Jose Mijares

4. Jonathan Broxton

5. Kelvin Herrera

6. Aaron Crow

7. Tim Collins

8. Greg Holland

9. Louis Coleman


It’s really a shame how this season has worked out. I had high hopes to see a young team take another step towards contention. I thought that .500 was a realistic goal based on their current talent level. Unfortunately, they’ll never have a chance to get the 4 games back they need to get there. Baseball is just like football, after 10 games you pretty much have all the information you need. I guess we’ll have to wait until 2013 for the Royals to snap out of their franchise slump. R.I.P. 2012 season.
Nick Scott