As you may or may not have heard, I’ve been selected as one of eight participants in what the Royals are describing as Digital Digest.  According to the people I’ve spoken with from the Royals, we’ll be given a behind the scenes look at the upcoming Royals FanFest and an opportunity to interview Dayton Moore, Ned Yost, Billy Butler, Jeff Francoeur and possibly others.

A week ago, Craig posted a very thought provoking post on the subject regarding media, bloggers and access.  For the most part, I agree with him, however I think that our purpose here is to provide you with a different take than you’ll get from other media outlets.  Part of that comes from the fact that we are constantly writing about the Royals, all year long.  We don’t take a break to write about the Chiefs or whatever else is going on.  During the offseason: Royals.  When the team is hovering near .500: Royals.  Late summer and the team is 24 games out of first: Royals.  However, when the team is offering the opportunity to ask questions of the General Manager that aren’t normally asked by the mainstream meadia, I’m taking that.  I’m doing it because it’ll will be pretty cool, and because I believe there is a desire for people to have different questions asked.

I’m already a little impressed with the way the Royals are handling the Digital Digest.  It came with the words “you can ask whatever you want”.  Which is what the nice woman who called me from the Royals said after she told me who I was going to be interviewing.  It’s been echoing around my brain now for the past week.  Now that I can ask whatever I want of Dayton Moore, what exactly is it that I want to ask?  It’s one of the reasons I’ve reached out to readers via Twitter and Facebook and now here at Royals Authority.  I want to make sure that I’ve gathered the entirety of the unanswered questions so that I can parse them into a few, hopefully thought provoking questions.  I clearly already have a lot of thoughts of my own, but I want to make sure I’m not glossing over anything.  So go ahead and post your thoughts in the comments. My goal when interviewing the General Manager and players will be to ask questions that don’t get asked in typical interviews and to attempt to elicit different responses than you hear typically.

Beyond the interviews, I’ll be getting a behind-the-scenes look at FanFest.  I’m actually pretty excited about that part as well, because I really like going to FanFest.  Ever since the Royals have started to do it, it’s been one of my off-season highlights.  I’m not completely sure why, either.  I’m not a big autograph guy, so I don’t get in line for those.  I think it’s just being in a place that’s completely dedicated to Royal fandom in all of it’s different incarnations.  I’ll be there on Thursday for sure and probably there at some points on both Friday and Saturday.  I’d like to meet some readers and podcast listeners as well.  At this point, I’m not sure if there will be some meetup or anything, so stay tuned to my Twitter, Facebook and this site for any potential details.

FanFest Dates and Times:

Map of Event

Thursday (season ticket holders only) – 5 p.m. ton 9 p.m.
Friday – 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Saturday – 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.