“There’s no focus issues.”

Royals’ manager Ned Yost rebuffed any thoughts that his team was not focused last night after a big win to salvage the Detroit series the night before.

Everyone on the infield except Omar Infante had an error last night, but there are no focus issues.

It could be true:  some nights teams just don’t play well.  Errors sometimes come in bunches.  Even Alex Gordon has crappy plate appearances sometimes.  Hell, Josh Willingham of all people, swung at a first pitch on Thursday night.  It was just a plain old awful game.

Still, Ned, really?  Could you be any clumsier in public?  And, while you’re at it, would you mind maybe having a pitcher warming up in the bullpen behind the unpredictable Aaron Crow when you are down by just a single run in the top of the eighth? I mean, you have a 16 man pitching staff right now.


I guess if you are going to play bad defense and not hit, doing so on the night when Liam Hendriks is pitching is likely good timing.

Some random notes:

  • Eric Hosmer committed his 10th error last night.  Now, errors is a poor indicator a player’s defensive range and what he does when he gets to those balls, but they are a very good indicator of how one handles routine plays.  In the last ten to twenty years, it has gotten pretty hard to get tagged with an error in the major leagues.  My guess is that if you were scoring your local slow-pitch game you would be far harsher towards the 43 year old guy with a tallboy in the dugout trying to play third because the college kid (ringer) you brought in didn’t show up than official scorers are towards a major league third baseman.  That said, Hosmer’s 10th error ties him for second in the majors with the Cardinals’ Matt Adams.  Hosmer gets to balls a lot of first basemen don’t.  He does a nice job of handling errant throws to first.  Still, he has too many mental gaffes and, particularly in the last week, has simply booted two easy grounders. Do better, Eric.
  • Omar Infante is going to bat second for the bulk of your natural born life.  If you ask me who I want hitting second instead of Infante my answer would be ‘everyone except Moustakas.’
  • Billy Butler sat again last night.  Yes, Billy is 1 for his last 20, but he was 4 for 13 with two walks and two hit by pitch before that and hit .288/.347/.450 in the month of August.  You can make a case for playing Hosmer and Willingham in front of him, but when you case starts with the phrase ‘Billy has been awful’, well….
  • Alex Gordon is 0 for his last 15 and 1 for his last 22 (although he does have 7 walks over that time).  Until last night, I generally saw Alex having good plate appearances, but he looked pretty bad last night.  Anyone else feel Ned contemplating moving Gordon in the order?  Of course, Infante has to stay at second, but otherwise…..

Well folks, you wanted a pennant race and this is what one feels like:  agony and jubilation every night.  Stop trying to be cool and calm (it may make you feel superior, but it pretty much just makes people think you’re a bit of a douche).  Get on the roller coaster and enjoy the experience.