The Royals unveiled their 2015 slogan during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Forever Royal.

This is going to get a huge “thumbs up” from me. That’s just a great, great slogan created by Walz Tetrick Advertising. Not only is it a natural follow-up to “Be Royal” from last summer (which I also liked) it carries more weight following the Royals October run. Simple, yet permanent. No one who was at The K or who watched the games on TV will ever forget. It’s stamped into your baseball consciousness. Forever, right? Declarative and powerful.

As I was writing this post, I went through the categories we’ve created at this website and found a couple of the old slogans. “It All Happens Here.” Ugh. How generic. And I’m sure since it’s from the Jose Guillen years, it’s intentionally vague. Then there’s “Come To Play.” Whoa. It’s like an invitation to a swingers party. Creepy and potentially deviant. And, of course, “Our Time.” No comment necessary on that one.

“Forever Royals” is not only a great slogan. It’s the best Royals marketing tag for a long, long time.

Let’s talk about some of the marketing materials. The TV spot that aired during the Super Bowl is really good.

Combining images of Kansas City landmarks, along with signature plays from the 2014 postseason, the commercial hits all of the right notes. Yordano Ventura opens the spot by throwing fire on the back of the scoreboard. Sal Perez’s Wild Card winning single is projected on Union Station. Mike Moustakas falling into the dugout suite down the third base line is displayed on Bartle Hall. Eric Hosmer hitting a home run against the Angels in Game One of the ALDS is at the Nelson-Atkins. Lorenzo Cain is doing Lorenzo Cain things against the Kauffman Center. The game footage is composited against still photos of the Kansas City landmarks and looks great. I’m lukewarm on the script because it feels a little cliched to me. But to be honest, the visuals are so great – and it’s so fun to see those moments again – I’m not sure I’m even paying attention to the voice over. But the audio mix is strong, with Ryan Lefebvre’s “Fair ball!” call on Perez’s hit and the final “Let’s go Royals” chant at the end bringing us home.

And let’s make no mistake. Producing a commercial to debut during the Super Bowl – even a regional commercial – takes some serious stones. Get it wrong and there’s no getting around it. But this commercial was done right. It fit in nicely with the other spots of the game. Well done.

Then there’s the billboards. These have become something of a talking point for their creativity the last couple of years. This year did not disappoint.

The Royals are known for speed. To use speed, you kick on the burners. Burners bring fire, flames, whatever. So we have the legs of Jarrod Dyson presumably at the moment he’s taking off for second and he’s leaving a charred billboard in his wake. Pretty damn good. That’s going to catch the eye of drivers on the interstate. And it fits in perfectly with the other billboard work done by Walz Tetrick in support of the Royals the previous two years.

I maintain that marketing a professional sports team is difficult. You can come up with the best creative in the world, but nothing tops wins. Winning makes everything better. Marketing included. Good commercials and strong billboards aren’t going to boost attendance. Wins (and let’s be honest, bubbleheads and Buck Night) are what creates the buzz that puts asses in the seats. But when you have a winning team combined with a strong marketing campaign, the buzz just gets a little louder. Just a little. That’s what the TV spot and the billboard have done. They are building the buzz that starts with being the defending American League champions. And that’s good marketing.

The Royals, after years of afterthought, pushed their way through to the collective consciousness of the casual, and the not so casual fan. The new slogan perfectly encapsulates how we felt. And how we hope we continue to feel.

“And each of us became, Forever Royal.”

I don’t think you can dispute that.