The Small Sample Size rule says these stats don’t mean a thing. Still, I found them interesting.


— The Royals are second in the league with 29 doubles and second in the league with three triples. Yet, rank tenth in the league with 168 total bases.

— Royal batters have been hit by a pitch four times. Two of those led to the benches clearing. Alcides Escobar has been hit twice, but has yet to instigate a bench clearing incident. He must be a coward.

— Unfortunately, Escobar is tied for the team lead in grounding into double plays with three. He’s tied with Jeff Francoeur, who is looking slower than Country Breakfast on the bases.

— Alex Gordon has struck out in just over 30 percent of his plate appearances. Yes, that’s a crazy, high rate. But for his career he whiffs in almost 22 percent of his PAs.

— Here something only The Yunigma could accomplish… Even in a small sample. He currently leads all Royals by putting the ball in play in 88 percent of all plate appearances. Yet his line drive rate is a wee four percent. And his ground out to air out ratio is 0.5.

— Speaking of line drive rate, Eric Hosmer is at five percent. That’s the kind of stat I look at and immediately think a correction is coming. And when it does, it’s going to be a helluva hot streak.

— Royal batters are seeing 3.66 pitches per plate appearance. League average is 3.87.


— The Royals have stolen six bases in 13 attempts. A 46 percent success rate. Or a 54 percent fail rate.

— Counting the caught stealings and the pick offs, the team has made 12 outs on the bases. Since we can do simple math, that’s one out on the base per game. And as we saw on Gordon’s ill advised attempt at third in Wednesday’s game, these baserunning outs usually come back to bite you in the ass.

— Hosmer has scored 50 percent of the time he’s reached base. Too bad his OBP is at .259.


— Royals starters have a 4.41 ERA. Their 63.1 innings pitched by starters is tied for the third least among all teams. Cleveland and Pittsburgh have thrown 61.2 innings.

— Tim Collins has whiffed 35 percent of all batters. And walked just 3.5 percent.

— Jonathan Sanchez has pitched in 17 double play opportunities where a runner is on first with second base open and less than two outs. He has yet to get one.

— After allowing just two of 33 inherited runners to score last year, Greg Holland has allowed four of his five inherited runners to cross the plate this year.

— Bruce Chen has thrown a first pitch strike to 69 percent of all batters.

There you go… Remember this is not an endorsement of the small sample size. Merely somethings I found interesting.

Positive Friday, people. The streak ends today.