This Tweet from Buster Olney popped up this morning:

By the way:Other teams have asked Royals about Alex Gordon, and the asking price is high: prime-prospect return. KC still invested in him.

I can certainly see where some teams would be interested in kicking the tires.  We’ve discussed this at length, but it’s that old change of scenery argument.  And since Gordon made what appeared to be a seamless transition to left field last summer, why shouldn’t some team inquire.  Then add to the mix the Royals apparent roster problem where they promised playing time to two-thirds of their outfield before trading their ace, and it would seem that Gordon could be available.

OK, so that first part makes sense…

The second part about the Royals asking for a prime prospect… Huh?

How does one failed prospect equal one prime prospect?  Sure, power to GMDM if he can actually get this, and you always want to begin any negotiation by setting the bar high, but this seems delusional to me.

(I love that this Gordon info comes on the heels of this Heyman Tweet:

For greinke #royals asked #rangers for pitchers hunter, holland and kirkman, grt kid ss profar, cf beltre. Smart to say no

Holy cow, that would have been a haul. And then some. Again, it’s the Royals prerogative to ask for an amazing amount. If the Rangers want to deal, they can counter. Maybe they decided the opening salvo was too insane and didn’t come back with another offer. Or maybe they did and lowballed.  Who knows.

Still, from what we’ve learned this winter it’s that GMDM asks for incredible returns. That’s not bad.)

I’ve heard the argument that the Royals would be selling low on Gordon and I’m not so certain on that… His value was highest before he ever played a major league game and has been sliding ever since.  It’s definitely possible he could slide even lower.

Frankly, I’m tired wondering if Alex Gordon will ever “get it.” I remember writing in the Royals Authority Annual prior to the 2009 season that his “breakout” second half of 2008 of .277/.392/.496 was the product of smoke and mirrors.  I’m not surprised it didn’t take.  The injuries, expectations and the attitude have conspired against him. If he rebounds in value, I really don’t think it’s going to bounce much higher.

I have to think the only way another team would spring for Gordon would be for a single grade B prospect or a pair of C’s.

And finally, the third part about the Royals still being invested… Sure they are.  If only because they’re scared to death that he will go somewhere else and “dominate.” Could you imagine the grief GMDM and the Royals brain trust would take if Gordon somehow appeared in an All-Star game or was a solid contributor on a contending team? I think the Royals are pleased with how well he applied himself to his new position. That gives them a little hope he’s maturing, I suppose.  It’s almost as if he gained a fresh start when he returned to KC as a left fielder.  That’s probably why the Royals aren’t anxious to move him.  We’re only a couple of months into Gordon 2.0.

Even though the Royals foolishly promised playing time, Gordon still has a spot in the outfield – for now.  I expect Lorenzo Cain to open the year in Omaha.  I don’t see the Royals trading Gordon unless they seriously lower their expectations.