Sensory overload – at least that’s what I’m calling this headache this morning.  It couldn’t be the six hours of drinking, could it?

If you are reading this, you were at or watched or read about last night.  I hope you saw it all, because it was one of the most entertaining baseball games in quite a long time.  Forget that it was our Kansas City Royals that were involved.  This was one great game: not greatly played or managed, mind you, just a tremendous spectacle to view.

You want a recap?  I can think of nothing better at this point than a simple presentation of Craig’s scorebook from last night:

Brown Scorebook










That’s what a twelve inning playoff win looks like, boys and girls.

While I was all ready to transfer my 38 year hatred of Chris Chambliss onto that two home run hitting SOB named Brandon Moss, all is now forgiven. Bizarre baserunning in the first?  Forgiven.  Ventura instead of Herrera in the sixth?  It’s okay. Bunts, bunts and more bunts? All the bunts, it’s fine.

We move onto the Angels.  Last night was fun/thrilling/unbelievable, but the real playoffs start on Thursday (yes, that’s sarcasm). Momentum, they say, is only as good as the next game’s starting pitcher, so who do you go with on Thursday and Friday, knowing the Royals will have Shields ready for Sunday’s return to Kansas City?

Duffy, if healthy and despite his issues last weekend, would be my choice, but I can see a case for Vargas, as well.  Hell, after last night’s magic, I could tolerate Guthrie even, just because my heart is filled with freaking joy.

Bring on the Angels.  Analysis later, let’s bask in the magic of last night for a little while longer.