“I don’t know. We’ll see,” Moore said. “I don’t know the answer to that. – from Royals.com

A day after Dayton Moore supposedly said that ‘something is likely to pop today’, the above is your winter meetings update in an nutshell.

If you have been reading, you know I am firmly in the camp of making the 2016 and 2017 Royals as good as they possibly can be and worry about picking up the pieces in 2018.  There is a strong current of opinion to ‘not do things now that will hurt the Royals down the road’.  There is valid logic to that opinion, but my opinion of that opinion is that it make the Royals much more likely to win 84 games for five years and never really threaten doing anything in the post-season.  Just my opinion.  For me, doing all one can to give the Royals a chance at 90+ wins and another World Series in the next two seasons is worth a 71-91 in 2018.

While the off-season is still young, especially given the slow pace taken not just by the Royals but most of baseball when it comes to making moves, Dayton Moore seemed to indicate that one corner outfield spot will belong to Jarrod Dyson (and, it is assumed, a platoon partner to be named later).  I don’t mind that idea, especially if the Royals are not stubborn and actually DO platoon Dyson against left-handed hitting.  The ‘company line’ behind this move includes the ‘we don’t want to tie up a spot that we hope Bubba Starling will fill in 2017’.  I have to be honest, holding a spot for Bubba Starling sounds a lot like an organization worrying more about not losing 90 in 2018 than it is worrying about winning 90 in 2017.

I am not on the Starling bandwagon and I hope I’m proven wrong (it’s bound to happen sometime) and really is THIS the off-season to think the Royals don’t know what they are doing? No, it certainly is not…..but then Royals.com provides this as well:

But we also know this: If we do nothing in the outfield, we’ll still be very good defensively at the corner outfield — we’ll have speed and upside with Jarrod Dyson, Paulo Orlando and Brett Eibner and Reymond Fuentes. Jose Martinez isn’t the defender those guys are but has offense. We’ll see.

Does that translate to ‘we’re going to take five fourth outfielders, mash them together and sell them as two everyday outfielders because we’re peeved the free agent market is stupid’ for anyone else or is it just me?

Hey, we have seen the value in Dyson and Orlando had some heroics this past year.  Having taken in my share of Omaha games, Jose Martinez is certainly intriguing while Eibner, besides the fabulous hair, showed flashes of ability. Fuentes has been around and I don’t know that you have to squint really hard to see him turn into an Andres Blanco type…maybe.  Serviceable guys for sure.  Some combination of them can, without question, replace or probably even improve on the production the Royals got from Alex Rios last year.  None of them, alone in combination or probably even if you let two of them play left at that same time is going to replace what Alex Gordon gave the Royals.  If you think that, you’re silly or you refuse to acknowledge the true value of defense, working the count and taking walks, or you are an old Big Eight guy and just can’t get over the Nebraska factor.  Get it over it, by the way, we haven’t been in your conference for years and haven’t been good at anything but volleyball for a decade.  

I also do not buy the logic that the Royals were just fine with Rios and Infante playing everyday last season or that they played well for the two weeks after Alex Gordon was injured and before Ben Zobrist was acquired.  Green comes up on the roulette wheel once in a while, too, doesn’t mean it is a logical bet. The truth is that the Royals played most of last season with either Gordon or Zobrist in the lineup (or both), so I will not buy into the idea that they will be just fine in 2016 without either one of them.

Sometimes I like to read more into comments than is really there and it should be noted that Dayton Moore has been a master of secrecy throughout his career as general manager, but his words from yesterday strike me a at minimum frustrated or at worst, a guy who had pretty much resigned himself to not being able to make any major moves this off-season. The latter is probably not the case, I hope it isn’t.  I would not put it past Moore to be using all of yesterday’s quotes simply as a bit of deception to possibly move along some negotiations.

If the Royals are serious about defending their World Series Championship, I hope that is exactly what is happening.