As a final reminder, the Royals Authority live event is tonight. Come by The Well at 7421 Broadway in Waldo if you’d like to talk baseball with Clark, Craig and myself. I’ll be setting things up around 6:00 p.m. and we’ll do some introductions aat 6:30.  At 7:00 we’ll begin recording the Broken Bat Single podcast and  have some audience participation. After the podcast, we’ll just hang around and talk baseball. I had hoped that the Royals would be broadcasting the Spring Training game tonight but alas, all great plans of mice and men….

We’ve reserved the V.I.P. room so that the rest of the bar won’t be forced to listen to our baseball-nerd ramblings. It’s on the main floor in the back, just ask any bartender where it is or look for the group of people that look like they  live in their mothers’ basement…thats us.

There are still some spots available if you’d like to come, you can RSVP in the comments below. There is no cost to attend and there isn’t any basketball on, so you have no excuse to stay home. So come on out, talk some baseball and enjoy some good beers and hopefully some intelligent baseball discussion at The Well. If you don’t come, we’ll make Clark write 20 love poems to Jason Kendall and nobody wants that.