It’s time for a new chapter. I’m excited to announce we are closing down this site (again) and moving over to Baseball Prospectus.

Last season, BP launched a handful of local sites. They are dedicated team blogs (Cubs, Brewers, Red Sox, and Yankees) that fly under the Baseball Prospectus banner and have become first-rate destinations for fans of those teams. This year, they are expanding their local roster and asked us to head what will become the BP Kansas City site. Of course, the opportunity to work with one of the leading baseball websites is a fantastic opportunity. As they say on late night infomercials: “But wait! There’s more.” In addition to Clark and myself, we are joining forces with several writers Royals fans will be very familiar with, to form what should be a one-stop shop for Royals coverage: Recaps, analysis, minor league goodness, podcasts, and general baseball writing. Stay tuned for those announcements later in the day.

The switch won’t happen immediately. Things are still under construction at BP, but we should be ready to move into our new digs sometime in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, keep visiting here. There will be the usual content until we make the move. On the day of the switch, we will post the link to the new site at the top of the page. We should also note the articles that post on the local site will all be free.

Clark and I have been writing about the Royals for over 10 years. We have been part of several blog networks as Royals Authority and for a time hung our shingle over at Royals Review. We are humbled by those of you who have followed us through various iterations and platforms and are forever grateful to our readers. Thank you. We hope you share our excitement, change your bookmark, and follow us to the new address. It’s going to be great.

By the way, feel free to head over to BP today to read my contribution to their season preview series on the Royals. There’s some Royals Devil Magic involved.