Maybe you read the news at Royals Review. Or maybe you just still have this site bookmarked after nearly two years of dormant activity and just happened along this post. Either way, it’s true.

We’re going to power this thing back up and see how it goes.

I can’t (and won’t) make any promises about posting frequency. We may just put something online when the mood strikes. Or we may strive to get a post up every day. I’ve spent the last few days getting under the hood of the blog, making some upgrades and such. We’re both kind of technological agnostics, so it’s possible something cracked. As long as you don’t get some sort of 404 error, then I think we’re good.

Reset your bookmarks. Update your RSS feed. (I think that may be working.) And make plans to make this a destination. We’re a pair of long-time Royals fans who, after nearly 10 years of blogging, still may have a thing or two to say from time to time.

Thanks. More soon.