In lieu of my normal Tuesday article. I will be updating this post with the Royals draft picks from todays draft. Please post comments about what you know, like or dislike about any draft pick.

2nd Round – Brett Eibner – RHP/OF

The Royals selected RHP/OF Brett Eibner from the University of Arkansas. He says he wants to be a hitter in the pros. Most pre-draft projections had him going in the first round. It will be interesting to see if he continues as a pitcher with the Royals or if he becomes a hitter. He has lots of tools, and could be a boom/bust kind of guy. He hit 21 home runs in 205 at bats with the Razorbacks this season while hitting .337. He may be considered a two-way player, but he has skills at both positions. My guess is that the Royals let him hit until he proves he can’t.

3rd Round – Michael Antonio – SS

The third round pick for the Royals was Michael Antonio a shortstop from George Washington High School. Manny Ramirez also went to the same high school. He was a 2010 Louisville Slugger All-American and he committed to St. Johns. He is still young and could be a top of the order hitter.

4th Round – Kevin Chapman – LHP

Chapman is described as a relief pitcher with a short route to the Major Leagues. He had Tommy John surgery in 2008. Chapman is the closer for the Florida Gators and has a changeup and slider to go with his fastball. The Royals have had some luck with college relievers lately in the minors and they get one of the top ranked college closers here. The Florida Gators are in the College World Series, so you can see Chapman live on ESPN this Friday at 6pm. Well, that is if there is a closer type situation in the game.

5th Round – Jason Adam – RHP

Adam is a local Kansas City prospect from Blue Valley Northwest High School. He is committed to the University of Missouri. He is listed at 6’4 and 225lbs with the frame to add more power to his delivery. His fastball is in the low 90’s but he can touch 94-96. He has an above-average curveball and a changeup. The question now is how strong his commitment to the University of Missouri is. My gut tells me the Royals really wanted local KC pitcher Ryne Stanek but weren’t ready to take him in the 2nd round. I hope the Royals can sign Jason Adam, having local guys to root for is cool. Here is a link to a video of Adam pitching.

6th Round – Scott Alexander – LHP

Alexander is a Left Handed Pitcher out of Sonoma State, which is a Division II college. He was drafted by the Reds in the 2007 draft but instead went to Pepperdine, before transferring to Sonoma State.

7th Round – Eric Cantrell – RHP

Cantrell is from George Washington University

8th Round – Michael Mariot – RHP

Mariot was a weekend pitcher for the University of Nebraska.  For those of you that don’t really follow college baseball, a pitcher who throws on the weekends is considered a top starter for that team.  The best starters for college teams throw on Friday through Sunday.  So saying that Mariot is a weekend pitcher just means he was a top rotation guy at Nebraska.

9th Round – Whitley Merrifield – RF

Whit Merrifield is a 6’0 – 165lb right fielder for the USC Gamecocks.

10th Round – Timothy Ferguson – CF

Ferguson is an Ole Miss product who is seen as a versatile guy with athletic talent and a chance to improve.

11th Round – Alex McClure – SS

McClure is a 6’0 170lb shortstop for Middle Tennessee. Here is a nice article about McClure.

12th Round – Daniel Hernandez – RHP

13th Round – Jonathan Gray – RHP

14th Round – Michael Giovenco – RHP

Giovenco was called by our resident mock draft expert Clark Fosler.  It’s like he can see the future.

15th Round – Jason Mitchell – RHP

16th Round – Charles Byrne – RHP

17th Round – Ryan Jenkins – C

18th Round – Scott Fletcher – LF

19th Round – Kevin David – C

20th Round – Cameron Conner – CF

21st Round – Michael Liberto – SS

Liberto played SS for the University of Missouri.

22nd Round – Tyler Graham – RHP

23rd Round – Steven Neff – LHP

24th Round – Brandon Glazer – SS

25th Round – Merritt Sosnoskie – LF

Merritt went to Virginia Tech and is the leader in the clubhouse for Best Name in the Royals Draft Award.

26th Round – Jonathan Dooley – RHP

27th Round – Jose Rodriquez – CF

28th Round – Murray Watts – 1B

29th Round – Alexander Marques – C

30th Round – Chad Blauer – RHP