For me, there isn’t any topic more frustrating to write about than the Draft.  I don’t get to watch enough amateur baseball to be able to write insightful information.  Even if I did watch lots of amateur baseball, I don’t have enough inside information from the Royals to figure out who they may be targeting and therefore the odds of getting to watch any future Royal is pure luck.  On top of that, I don’t feel like I have a particularly good scouting eye, so while I can try to project it comes off somewhere between picking a horse at the racetrack and accurately choosing heads or tails in a coin flip.  I am also a big stats guy, and it’s impossible to compare high school stats to juco stats to college stats so they don’t tell me much either.

So I, like most of you reading this rely on people who spend lots more time than it seems possible on following amateur baseball or people connected to the Royals who have some insight on who the Royals will be selecting with their draft pick.  So if you missed the weekend Royals draft news, because you actually went outside to enjoy the sunshine, then let me get you up to speed.

This weekend, word leaked out that the Royals had a prelimenary deal in place with University of Miami Catcher Yasmani Grandal.

Here are a few bullet points on him.

Then today Jim Callis of Baseball America says “not so fast”.  He claims the Royals are still going to take Florida Gulf Coast Left Handed Pitcher Chris Sale.

Some bullet points on Chris Sale

  • He throws out of a low 3/4 arm slot
  • He is very tall 6’7 by some accounts
  • He pitches for a small school, which means he pitches against small schools and so his stats are hard to gauge
  • He has a good sinking fastball
  • Other than his delivery, he reminds me of Hochevar

Of course, it is possible the Royals take neither of these two players and instead take someone else.  Either way, keep your inter-googles pointed to tonight as we have up to the second analysis of the Royals pick.