In the least-surprising news of this Royals winter, on Tuesday it was announced the Royals extended manager Ned Yost for another year. His contract now runs through the 2016 season.

There was a little grumbling about a one-year extension for Yost. After all, he led the Royals to the promised land, didn’t he? Doesn’t he deserve more? Not so fast, says the man himself.

“Dayton’s got this year and next year, and that’s all I wanted,” Yost told The Star in a telephone conversation. He added, “One extra year, I’m happy with that. And we’ll just play it out, and see what happens after that.”

Move along. Nothing to see here. Please, move along.

Seriously, there’s no controversy about this. Yost took the team this close to the summit. He has other interests – and more deer to kill. The man strikes me as someone who doesn’t really care too much about his own future because he has confidence he can do whatever the hell he wants. It’s no longer Nervous Ned. It’s Gunslinger Ned. He just doesn’t give a damn.

A rolling contract makes sense in his situation. He has the trust of ownership and upper management and presumably a job for as long as he would like. Clearly, his players like and respect him. Why not take it a year at a time and reevaluate on an annual basis?

I’m sure Yost will take just a game or two in the 2015 season to frustrate the fanbase all over again. That’s just his style. I’m interested to see if he applies the lessons he learned down the stretch last year and in the postseason. Winning is a beautiful thing, so he’s earned a certain level of goodwill for 2014. And when he orders a sac bunt, remember, Yost isn’t really all that different from every other major league manager.

Yost has been at the helm for the Royals for 775 games, the most in franchise history. He passed Dick Howser late last year, who managed Kansas City for 770 games before stepping down at the All-Star break in 1986. With 373 wins in his Royals tenure, Yost has the third most wins. The top five:

Whitey Herzog – 410
Dick Howser – 404
Ned Yost – 373
Tony Muser – 317
John Wathan – 287

It’s interesting that Yost will pass both Howser and Herzog by mid-season. Those two were gods of the Royal dugout. I’m pretty sure most Royals fans have never placed Yost in that class.

As you would expect from the manager near the top with the most wins in franchise history, Yost will also take over the top spot for losses early next year. The top five:

Tony Muser – 431
Ned Yost – 402
Dick Howser – 365
Whitey Herzog – 304
Tony Pena – 285

I bring up that list only to have the opportunity to throw Tony Muser’s name in a post. What a dreadful manager.

Yost’s .481 winning percentage as Royals manager ranks 10th in franchise history. He will have to win 25 more games than he loses over the next two seasons to even his win-loss account.