There has been lots of talk about the Royals minor league system lately, partly because the Big League club isn’t performing very well, but also because of the plethora of talent and the very real possibility that they might have the best system in all of baseball.  I figured I would take a quick snapshot of how each individual team in the system compared statistically to the other teams in their league.  The Royals affiliate is bold and surrounded by a thick black box.  Each statistical category is ranked via a heat chart with red being the best and green being the worst.   Each chart is sorted by batting average, so you can see the team in the league with the highest batting average is in red, the worst is in green and the colors are shaded in between.

I know that some of this is relatively meaningless.  But I think it can give us a guide as to how deep the system may be and how well the system is doing at producing power, speed or other offensive attributes.  Let me know in the comments if anything sticks out at you.

The Pacific Coast League (AAA)

Texas League (AA)

Carolina League (A+)

Midwest League (A)

Appalachian League (Rookie)

Pioneer League (Rookie)

Arizona League (Rookie)

Dominican Summer League (Rookie)

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