Spring Training. Is it over yet?  We really need some actual games. Here are a variety of things on my mind in these closing hours of fake games in what seems to be the fake Arizona sun.


  • Getz and Yuni at 2nd base? Really?  Ugh. The Royals have been steadily eating away at their run scoring potential during this off-season. The only player who had a lower walk rate than Yuni with more than 270 plate appearances in 2011 was Humberto Quintaro. Both will feature prominently in the lineup.


  • I keep hearing about how Chris Getz has a new offensive approach. No, just no. Players don’t just change their offensive ability in an off-season. Getz will be Getz. He’ll be an average defender with a well below average bat. He’ll also get a ton of plate appearances along with Yuni, who also can’t hit.


  • How about something not completely depressing…check out this video of Cheslor Cuthbert. He’s one of my favorite Royals prospects and the video is a good example. He’s a solid defender with a sweet swing. This is the guy to keep your eye on this season.

  • Then there’s Lorenzo Cain’s swing. I’m a big fan of Cain. I think he’ll provide a big defensive improvement in center field and so far it looks like he’ll posses a decent bat. I’m just scared at how long his swing is. He is about to fall over when he swings. It allows him to swing really hard, but it will also open up some holes which pitchers can exploit. I’d like to see him shorten up a bit more like Cuthbert in the above video if at all possible.

  • I was convinced that the Royals would have Mendoza in their rotation and Duffy at AAA to start the season. I don’t see any reason to change my mind now. I don’t think it’s what I’d go with, but I can’t put up too much of a fight. We all know that we will see a number of starters get their chance, I can’t be too annoyed.


  • You all know that I hate the trade to acquire Jason Bourgeious and Humberto Quintaro for Kevin Chapman and a PTBNL. One of the things I kept hearing from the defenders was that we were not going to see Chapman this year. My first response is: so? My second response is that the Royals used 17 different relief pitchers in 2011. Why again is it that Chapman had no chance to help the team in 2012? And for his and PTBNL’s services we got two players that could be available for nothing as camp ends. Just watch the waiver wire. We’ll see better catchers and outfielders released.


  • Remember when everyone was going bananas over the fact that Aviles couldn’t play 2nd base good enough for the Royals? Well, it seems like he’s in the hunt to start at shortstop for one of the best teams in baseball over in Boston. He sure would be nice to have right now instead of Getz, right?


  • To those of you thinking “What about Teahen?” – I say, no. Stop it.


  • Losing Soria seriously blows. However the loss of a reliever, even one of Soria’s caliber is pretty easy to replace considering you use laddering with relievers. It’s not like his innings will be replaced with the worst reliever. They will be taken over by the 2nd and 3rd best relievers or possibly the 1st and 2nd best if Soria isn’t his old self. It’s why relievers are over-valued.


  • It seems like this entire Spring Training has been one depressing event after another. Has anything good happened? Let’s just get the team out of Surprise and back to Kansas City before any more crappy things happen.


Nick Scott