The hits just keep coming… The latest a 15 hit attack against the Mariners on Thursday night.  The top of the order did the heavy lifting with Jarrod Dyson collecting three hits and Lorenzo Cain and Billy Butler picking up two each.  One of Butler’s hits was a solo home run off Felix Hernandez.

As much fun as it is to see Dyson and Cain experiencing spring success, in a way it’s bitter sweet because of The Promises. You know the two youngster will probably be doing their thing in Omaha to open the year.  Oh, well…

Speaking of young players, now that Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas have been reassigned to minor league camp, doesn’t that take some of the luster off these spring games?  I’ve written before about how once the initial excitement that baseball is back, these exhibition contests fall into a somewhat boring pattern.  Usually.  I didn’t feel that way this month and it was mainly because of the young players.  Too bad there isn’t more TV coverage because the MLB radio guy covering the Royals just couldn’t do them justice.  Twitter was more compelling.

I know a bunch of people (lucky people) who are going to Surprise in the next couple of weeks, and they plan to stick to the back fields to watch the minor leaguers.  That’s a capital idea, as they say.

Luis Mendoza didn’t hurt his chances with three innings of one hit ball. Included was four strikeouts.  He’s now thrown over 10 innings and allowed just two hits and two walks.  Both of those free passes coming on Thursday.  Not that I have confidence in him to repeat that performance once the calendar changes.  Still, as I said before, sometimes there is something so crazy about a particular spring stat that it makes you take notice.  Two hits (and no runs) in 10 innings is that kind of stat.  Couple that with a supposed change in his mechanics and you can understand how the Royals would give serious consideration to the guy who struck out just four batters per nine in Omaha last year en route to a 4.10 ERA.

He’s certainly in the bullpen mix from here on out.

And finally, have you made plans to join us at The Well next week?  Check the sidebar for details, but lets just say if you show up, you’ll be witness to history as rumor has it that Nick, Clark and myself have never been seen together in public. That’s because we never leave the house. Except for beer and baseball…