They did it.

This team. This postseason. It’s an unstoppable run.

On Wednesday, the Royals completed their second postseason series sweep, they won their eight postseason game a in row. And they won the American League pennant.

A dream October.

Maybe I’ll have more tomorrow. This needs the proper perspective. And even though the Royals have only played eight games in the last two weeks, I’m exhausted.

I will say that the Royals performance on Wednesday was as ballsy a performance as we’ve seen from this team. They scratched out two runs in the first inning on an error at home plate. They saved two (or more) runs with the gloves of Alex Gordon and Mike Moustakas. In a series that was decided by the thinnest of margins, the Royals didn’t make mistakes. They didn’t hit a ball hard until Billy Butler doubled to leadoff the eighth. But Jason Vargas – like Jeremy Guthrie the night before – had the mettle to hold the lead long enough to hand it to the Three Relievers of the Apocalypse.




Game One of the 2014 World Series is Tuesday. At The K.