On the field, the 2010  season wasn’t something to be thankful for.  It was long, it was arduous and there was very little to cheer for.  However, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Clark and Craig for inviting me to write for Royals Authority this season.  I’ve been a fan of the site for nearly as long as it has existed.  Just like some of you, I read it every single day with my morning coffee and it was something I looked forward to.  Now, I’ve been on the other side and it was simply fantastic.  Trying to find something interesting every single week  for a last place baseball team is in some ways harder and in other ways easier than I had imagined.  I had anticipated writing much more statistically focused articles, but there were fewer angles of that nature that really jumped out at me.  It was something I was disappointed with, but I thought it was important to write things that really got me interested because I figured it was something that would interest you as a reader.

I also want to thank every reader of the blog and every listener of the podcast.  Knowing that there are people out there who  look forward to a new post at Royals Authority really provides the inspiration to try and put the extra effort into writing the best article I can.  Your emails and your comments are something I thoroughly enjoy, and that absolutely includes the angry and negative comments.  This team can really anger people, trust me, it’s angered me in the past.  This should be a place to vent your frustrations with the team and with me as a writer.  I do really enjoy all sides of the commentariat.  One of the great things about writing online is the ability to connect with the readership through email, comments and twitter.

It’s extremely invigorating to know that there is an audience for what we do here at Royals Authority.  The media landscape is changing at an extremely rapid pace, and there are people who don’t believe that quality, thoughtful content has an audience.  I know first hand that such an audience exists, you prove it every single day.  Now if only I could just write something thoughtful with quality to meet your standards, we’d really have something.

There will be more content coming from Clark, Craig and myself throughout the off-season, so don’t stray too far away during the dark times of the off-season.  Most media outlets begin to completely ignore the Royals this time of year and so I think  it’s  more important to keep providing content.  Keep telling us what you want to hear and pointing out our spelling and grammatical mistakes, I keep trying to get Clark to fire Skittles the editing monkey, but he just won’t do it.

Sincerely, thank you.

Nick Scott

Contact Nick Scott via email at brokenbatsingle at gmail dot com, via Twitter @brokenbatsingle or via Facebook.  If you would like to receive his daily Royals system boxscores via email, just drop an email and request it.  He will be sending out boxscores for both the Pan Am Games and the Arizona Fall League.