Whit Merrifield’s name has gained some traction as the Royals search for clarity for their 25th man.

It’s an interesting name to consider, but unsurprising given his defensive versatility along with his speed. Speed will get you an extended look with the Royals. That’s been the case for 10 years. Versatility is something new to the roster calculus, but the Royals realize two things: One, the 25th man isn’t a super huge deal when the manager hardly ever uses his bench. And two, having a glove man who can play multiple positions allows the team to stock the bullpen at the expense of the bench. Who doesn’t love 13 man pitching staffs?

We’ve said it a thousand times, there just aren’t many interesting position battles on this team. And that’s a good thing, I suppose. Give the regulars time to get in the groove. So we’re basically down to fourth and fifth outfielder.

Merrifield is interesting in that he ate seven meals a day in preparation for spring training. Seven! I mean, that’s just absurd. Yet it sounds like he hasn’t sacrificed his speed for extra bulk. (Who doesn’t love the work the beats do at spring training?)

Meanwhile, I’m enameled with the “Who wants it less” competition at second base. You have Omar Infante, returning from injury, who has two hits in 11 at bats going head to head with Christian Colon, who is still looking for his first hit of the spring. The guy already has 19 at bats. Mercy. This is like watching the Indy 500 where drivers are required to race on four flat tires.

Thanks for reading today. We know the blog has been hit or miss lately, but we’re gearing up for our big launch of BP Kansas City. It’s coming a week from Monday. Exciting times.