I didn’t watch much of the game last night. I briefly turned it on and saw a ball go past Billy Butler and the man on first score while Butler stopped and had some popcorn with fans and watched. My wife asked me if I’d prefer to watch a movie. It was then I realized that I hate National League ball, I hate Jonathan Sanchez and there was a 100% chance Ned Yost was going to make an asinine decision which would infuriate me.  I saved my anger and watched a pretty good movie. Nick 1 – Royals 0.

What I missed seemed to be a mildly boring game until a 10 run outburst in the last two half-innings. What is most amazing about this team is how coordinated the pitchers and hitters seem to be. I’m not sure who exactly to give the credit to. Does Seitzer tell the batters to try and hit weak grounders just until the pitchers begin to collapse?  And just at the moment where the pitchers have given up enough runs to lose the game, then storm back and score just enough to come up short. At least that’s the way it all plays out in my head.

The real reason I decided that watching this game wasn’t on my priority list was that Jonathan Sanchez was pitching. He just flat refuses to throw strikes. Walk after walk and hit after hit. A Royals game featuring Jonathan Sanchez seems to have them on defense 90% of the time and batting 10%. Now some of that credit goes to the amazing impatience of the Royals batters, but still. It’s an unbearable game.

Beyond Sanchez, there was another reason I didn’t feel last night’s game was a must-watch. I still don’t know what this team is. They’ve been muddling through for a couple months now and aren’t exactly in it and aren’t exactly out of it. It seems like one step forward and two steps back. Just when they are a nice little run away from getting involved, they lose in spectacular fashion.

In fact they remind me of Beau Hossler who just played a heck of a weekend at the U.S. Open. They’re young, awkward and nobody believes they have a shot. We’re all just waiting for the inevitable win so we can pat them on the back and get on with our lives. Last night’s game was a boring par 4 where you three put for bogey and everyone watches saying “I figured that would happen”.


– Nick Scott