As reported often and most everywhere, the Royals set the 25 man roster for tonight’s game.

Once we heard yesterday that the Royals intended to have only nine pitchers on the roster, we pretty much knew that Christian Colon AND Jayson Nix AND Raul Ibanez were going to be active tonight.  The rest was all pretty much certain.  For the record, the eligible position players tonight:

  • Perez, Kratz, Butler, Hosmer, Willingham, Infante, Escobar, Colon, Nix, Moustakas, Gordon, Cain, Aoki, Ibanez, Dyson and Gore

Hell, with sixteen eligible spots, even I probably put Ibanez on the roster!

Now, the pitching staff contained the six guys everyone knew would be there: Shields, Herrera, Davis, Holland, Frasor and Finnegan.  It got a little funky when the final three spots went to starters Duffy, Ventura and Guthrie and not to more relievers and did not include Jason Vargas.

There was some talk on Twitter last night that moving players in and out of the 25 man post-season rosters was not quite as flexible as we were led to believe. One person stated that the Royals would actually have to DFA Guthrie if they wanted to NOT have him on the active twenty-five.  I have not been able to confirm that as I am not sure anyone knows the actual rules and, if they do, will not reveal all of their nuances.  That could well be untrue, by the way, as I didn’t spend my morning trying to ‘confirm’ any of this – sue me.

Anyway, roster rules of order aside, one could envision Danny Duffy coming on to get a lefty or two as he today or yesterday would have been his normal day to throw between starts.  Ventura, who struggled through four innings on Sunday, maybe an inning if this game goes into the 11th or 12th tonight?  While I would have thought Vargas would be the designated long man/multiple extra inning guy, the Royals instead opted for Guthrie, who would be available on three days rest.

Hey, I don’t hate it.  Did anyone really want to see Francisely Bueno, Scott Downs or Aaron Crow pitch in the biggest game of the last 29 years?  Bases loaded in the top of the 12th with Mike Trout hitting?  I’ll take a tired Ventura over one of those three.

Game on, boys.