In case you missed the news, on Tuesday Baseball America announced the Royals have the number one farm system in all the land.  In all the land!

For me, the proclamation had an air of anticlimax.  It would have been news if the Royals had been the number two system.  After a fall and winter where the accolades have been rolling in like a Billy Butler grounder to short, this just seemed inevitable.

This is quite the feather in the cap that is The Process.  Dayton Moore wasn’t going to come to Kansas City unless he received commitments from the Glass family that they would stay the heck out of his way and unleash the funds to scout, draft and develop.  It took about four and a half years, but there’s absolutely no denying the talent that GMDM and his crew have accumulated.

In the grand scheme, having the number one ranked minor league system will look good on the resumes of the guys who built said system, but in order for this to matter, the Royals will need most of these players to have an impact.  That’s step two of The Process.  Of this crop of young talent, not everyone will make it.  Some will fizzle out, some will get hurt and some will just never realize their potential.  Honestly, I’m looking forward to Phase Two.  Just like there will be some players who are currently in the system that aren’t so highly regarded that will become stealth prospects.  Yep… The next phase will be enjoyable to watch.

The really good news is GMDM and his staff are still around to scout and draft the next round of talent.  The first four years have been about restocking the barren system.  The next four years will be about reloading… Replacing the talent that graduates from the minors.  GMDM and his boys have shown their chops… If this organization drops out of the top five, that would be a colossal disappointment.

Anyway, since this is good news for an organization that has been on the losing end of far too many events over the last two-plus decades, the Royals celebrated by issuing a press release.  That’s absolutely the right thing to do.  They have a PR department and being named number one in something is certainly PR worthy.

They also posted the news to their Facebook page.

Then, hilarity broke loose.

I’ve heard about this Royals Facebook page, but I have never ventured to surf that direction.  I’m on Facebook and all that, but it just seems like a colossal time waste.  However, the news filtering my way on Twitters was just too tempting.  Low hanging fruit.

A sample of some of the best comments on Facebook.  These are not edited for spelling or punctuation because that’s part of their charm.

Mathew Calhoon –
What a joke. Number one farm system. 30th best owner and front office don’t make for winning at the big league level.

I understand Mathew doesn’t trust the caretakers of The Process. He also has never heard of Jeffery Loria.

Russell Wenz – So, the farm system for the Royals is #1, which makes the Royals the #1 farm system for the Yankees. OK, got it. Thanks!

Russell, I share your pain.  Why couldn’t we have held onto Jeter, Posada and Riviera?  And Sabathia and A-Rod?  Why?!?

Jeff Rice – Just because the are the best the royals have doesn’t mean there good. We haven’t had more than 2 prospects at any time before moore now look at it some of the have to hit unlike relying on just alex gordan.

I thought typing Jeff’s comment would allow me to better understand what he was trying to say.  I thought wrong.

Kip Ryan –
Yeah, and our major league system is the worst!


Dennis Hillers – Team ran like Wal-Mart? No wonder. All these great guys will be traded to the haves of the baseball world after the first time they make the show.

Points for proper use of “The Show.” Negative points for the Wal-Mart reference.  Very 1995.

Steve Martens – Farm system is Not MAJOR LEAGUE, it means nothing.

Exactly, Steve.  That’s why nobody subscribes to Baseball America. Or buys their books.  Or cares about their silly rankings of minor league systems. If they’re not writing about MAJOR LEAGUE, who’s reading?

Todd Peppers –
It should be. You always trade away our best players to make our minor league teams better.

What can I say, Todd?  I enjoy making trades that improve our minor league teams.

Dion Webb – That is because they trade ALL their major league talent for everyone elses prospects.

I hear ya, Dion. When we can’t hold on to the Scott Podsedniks and Rick Ankiels of the baseball world, I want to smash things.

And we’ll end with the best…

Elliott PinkhamCould someone name some of these great prospects? No other team is pursuing them for some reason.  I think the Royals are a fraud.

Some of the prospects include Wil Myers, Eric Hosmer, Elliot Pinkham and Mike Montgomery.  Wait… What?

Actually, I think Elliot is onto something.  Has anyone actually seen Myers?  Has anyone attended a game where Montgomery started?  Are these real people, or are they the figment of Dayton Moore’s imagination?  Elliot can’t see them, so they obviously don’t exist.  Frauds!