I’m conflicted… On one hand, I don’t want baseball to end. But on the other hand, the Royals aren’t playing, so what do I care. And on the other hand, I’m ready for the Hot Stove to fire up and get moving.

(Three hands? What the hell? Which one would I pitch with if I had to face Allen Craig?)

It’s still quiet in the Royals Universe. You know Dayton Moore is itching to pull the trigger on that first post World Series move.

So I think I’m going to steal the title of a link roundup from @DadBoner. It’s beginning to creep into my conversation. The other night I told my wife I was hungry and was looking for some bold flavors. She told me to leave her alone and write about baseball. OK… Consider this a weekend open thread…

In the meantime, for your reading pleasure…

— Aaron at Royal Heritage has a couple of interesting graphs about run scoring and run prevention and how it relates to World Series champions. See if you can spot the weak hitting heroes of 1985.

— Michael at Kings of Kauffman has a profile on Yordano Ventura. I wrote about him recently for a book project that is hitting the shelves next February (tease!) and have really taken a shine to him. Anytime you can get 88 strikeouts in 84 innings, you’ll get my attention.

— David at Pine Tar Press is doing the grade card thing for the Royals and takes a look at the management. I agree with his grade on Ned Yost.

— Jeff at Royally Speaking has a look at how the rotation can take a step forward in 2012.

— The Star came out with their annual prospect rankings. (This is annual? First time I’ve seen them do it.) John Sickles did the same. Not surprising, they have different players at #1.