As we count the moments until the 11 PM Central deadline and anxiously await the fate of Bubba Starling and the future of Cornhusker football, now would be a good time to refresh where the Royals stand on their top 30 picks.

UPDATE: The Royals have signed Starling for a reported $7.5 million bonus spread over three years. About a million less than I expected. The three year spread veers from the normal five year spread for a two sport athlete and is probably why Starling’s number fell a little below what most draft gurus expected.

The following table lists those picks and (if known) their signing bonus. The slot figures apply only to the first five rounds. After those rounds, MLB demands that bonuses not exceed $150,000. Players in bold have signed. The table is current at 11 PM Central.

The Royals have committed $12.955 million in known bonuses. The record for bonus payouts was set last year by the Washington Nationals who spent $11,927,200. Obviously, the Royals would appear to have broken the record, although other teams are spending tons of cash at the deadline. There will be other teams who spent more.

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