Ok, I’m going to be honest here. I didn’t realize it was Thursday today until about 30 minutes ago. That’s important because I was supposed to have a full-fledged insightful post on Royals baseball for you. Instead you’re getting an excuse and them some easy to post information on the Arizona Fall League. That really feels good to get off my chest.

So, about that Fall League thing.  First let’s take a look at the current stats of Royals playing in Arizona.

First, let’s all remember that this is Arizona. The ball flies further and should inflate offensive statistics. That being said, Wil Myers is posting a .481 on base percentage. I’ve seen the kid in action and he is a very picky hitter who must have a deal where he forfeits his soul to the devil if he swings at a bad pitch. I saw him walk four times in Spring Training intra-squad games. I can’t tell you how odd that is. In those games, guys are free-swinging. They’re getting loose for the season and they want to see the ball travel far in that Arizona air. But Myers, he just wouldn’t do it. If it was a ball, he was letting it go.  It’s one of the big reasons I don’t want to let him go in a trade for pitching. That skill translates VERY well to the Major Leagues and could make him a valuable player in the not so distant future.  Seratelli and Colon are both having pretty decent experiences, especially for middle infielders.


The pitchers seem to be struggling. I can’t put too much stock in that though. They are probably pretty worn down from the season, are pitching in the Arizona air and they’re doing it against some pretty stiff competition. None of the guys on this list are big must-have prospects anyways. They seem to be guys who need to work on certain things for next season. Adcock is putting up a nice k/bb ratio, but the rest of the numbers are nothing to get excited about.





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