Yesterday Yuniesky Betancourt hit a home run during a Spring Training game. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, he has been known to deposit the spheroid outside the boundaries from time to time. Heck you can’t discuss the portly middle infielder without someone bludgeoning you over the head with the fact that he tied for the team lead in 2010 with 16.

So the amazing thing about a Yuni-Bomb isn’t exactly that it happened, but the feelings it stirs up amongst different segments of the Royals fanbase. What follows is my sweeping generalizations about people and what I believe they felt in their heart of hearts when they heard that Yuni had gone yard.

Casual fan: “Wait, didn’t we trade that guy?”

Blinded by loyalty fan: “That Dayton Moore, he just doesn’t make mistakes.”

Blogger fan: “Oh, now I remember why I didn’t hate Yuni. He gave me good stuff to write about.”


Royals Employee: “This will be helpful in my job requirement to talk up Yuni 80+ times this season.”


Optimistic fan: “If he can show some of that pop off the bench. Maybe he will be a decent guy to have around.”


Stat obsessed fan: “Still doesn’t make up for his inability to get on base.”


Pessimitic fan: “F*#$^ing great. This means we’re going to see this a$&@#$e five times a week now.”


A certain scout: “Those plus-plus hands in motion. Yum yum.”


Facebook fan: “He hitted a home bomb!!! He’s only signed for 2 yearz?  LOLZZZZ!!! This team suxors and will until they can sign guys like him for there entire career.”

I could go on. Baseball is entertainment. That really is the bottom line. Winning is the best entertainment that a team can provide. However having a guy like Yuni makes all of the meta-entertainment surrounding baseball a bit more fun. Being at a game when Yuni hits a home run and my freiends look at me like “Come on, you like him now right?” and admitting that for that one moment, yes I do like him and then having it all go away when he can’t get to a ball a step away from him, well it’s all part of the entertainment.

Sure I wish that the Royals had a better player than Yuni. Yes it makes me want to punch a wall when I look at how terrible he’s been for his ENTIRE CAREER, but I can’t control that. It wasn’t my call. I just have to deal with it the only way I know how. Snark, jokes and occasionally admitting that the chubby guy is kind of fun to have around.


Nick Scott
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