The Royals hired Ned Yost as a special advisor to baseball operations. What exactly does this mean? According to Dayton Moore:

He’ll be a resource for our Major League staff and our Minor League Department. He’ll do some scouting for us as well.

I still don t know what he s going to do (outside of the scouting part) but I m of the opinion the Royals need as many people they can get on their staff who know about playing baseball at the major league level. That alone makes this a decent hire.

Of course, any time a team hires a former manager, the rumblings start about so-and-so being a potential replacement for the current guy. I suppose that s inevitable. After all, didn t we say the exact same thing when John Gibbons was hired to be Trey Hillman s bench coach?

If Hillman gets the axe, I don t think it matters one bit that guys like Gibbons and Yost are already in the organization. The general manager will interview and hire whomever he thinks is the best option available.

Besides, are you sure you want Yost as a manager? He picked up a reputation as a guy who couldn t seal the deal in Milwaukee back in 07, earning the nickname of Nervous Ned. His handling of his team over the final eight games of the year – games where he was ejected three times – called into question his temperament and whether he could handle the pressures of a pennant race. Included in that run was a crucial game against the Cardinals where the Brewers were throwing at Albert Pujols. And don t forget, he was fired in mid September of 2008 – with his team in the pennant race.

Wow. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for future employment.

So let s not be so quick to jump on our next manager bandwagon. Although he was on Bobby Cox’s staff in Atlanta. Of course.


FanFest continues to take shape. On Wednesday the Royals announced David Cone would be making an appearance and would be signing at an autograph session with Zack Greinke and Bret Saberhagen on Friday from 3:30 to 4:30. Uhhh, do you recognize a common theme here?

Remember what I said about me not being interested in waiting in line for autographs? Now I’m rethinking my philosophy. This is probably the coolest collection of signatures you could have on a baseball if you re a Royals fan.

Cone is an awesome guy as well. Just one of my absolute all time favorites. Of course he s more of a New Yorker now, so it s a huge get for the Royals that he s coming out for this.


Proof that it s a slow news day I m about to comment on Royals uniform numbers. As noted at the Scout bulletin board, the Royals roster on their home page has been updated to include current numbers on the backs of the unis.

Personally, I don t get caught up in the whole, So and so switched his number from last year, discussion. (Although according to a poster, Jose Guillen is now wearing #6. His old #11 went to Josh Fields. Honestly, if someone hadn t pointed this out, I wouldn t have noticed.)

But now here s the fun part: Trey Hillman s number next year? If the Royals own website it to be believed, it s 88. Yes, 88. Or four times his number from last year.

Here is the comprehensive list of ballplayers who have worn the number 88:

The New York Mets batboy in 1988.

Albert Belle with the Baltimore Orioles.

I m sure there is a reason for the switch. Maybe it s his wife s lucky number. Or one of his kids was born on August 8. Perhaps he always wanted to be a NFL wide receiver. It could have something to do with astrology. Is it possible he drives an Oldsmobile 88? Maybe he thought Al Pacino was great in the movie 88 Minutes.

Or maybe Hillman is just one strange dude.